Be Alerted of Smoke From Fire, or Poisonous Carbon Monoxide!

Not having Smoke detectors is the single most cost of lives in America today.  Or if you have battery-only smoke detectors and you remove the battery. how many times have we turned on the news and the top story is a fire at a house that there were some fatalities.?  If they only have had smoke detectors to alert them of a fire and they all had the time to leave the house. Seconds during a fire can determine between life and death.

 Out of all the electrical subjects, this is my biggest pet peeve.  I think that the federal government should require and help pay for a smoke and carbon monoxide detection system in every household today.

Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas and everything can seem normal until you fall asleep at night. This is when carbon gas can kill you. 

Codes for the installation of smoke detectors differ for each municipality. Placement of knowing where to place a detector can be crucial to your survival. 

There are a couple of different types of smoke detectors defined below:

-Ionization Smoke Detectors- These units detect the fire’s visible and invisible smoke particles. Smoke reduces the electric current within the unit, which in turn starts the alarm.
-Photoelectric Smoke Detector- These units also detect smoke particles, but only those large enough to be by the unit. The smoke blocks the path of a light beam within the detectors.

The best type of system to have is the combination of 110 volt hardwired interconnected with a battery backup. 

The battery should be replaced during our daylight saving times or twice a year.

Don’t go to sleep another night without the use of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Call Rick at Richard Marton Electrical Contractor LLC, and he will personally come to your home to design the right system to keep you and your family safe from a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

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