Times are changing. LED lighting is new and here to stay. You have had the same regular light bulbs in your home for decades. How do you know what types of LED lighting is right for you?

The first thing we must look at is the actual light LED lights gives off compared to the regular incandescent light bulbs. Lights and the colors they shine upon us are rated in what we call kelvins. A regular screw in incandescent light bulb that we have been using for all these years gives off a yellowish type of light rated about 3000 kelvins to about 3800 kelvins.


When the LED bulb first came out, they were all rated at 5000 kelvins. A light bulb rated at 5000 kelvins gives off a blue blinding type of light that can be harsh to your eyes. Now I would not rule out 5000 kelvin LED light bulbs because they work well outside as one of your flood lights. This type of light is really crisp and gives off a good amount of light working outside in the dark of the night. We need this for not only when we go outside to take out the garbage, run a barbeque or bringing in the groceries from the food store, but for security reasons to keep the burglars in the light that will keep them away from our homes.

Also the 5000 kelvin LED light bulb can work well at a commercial environment such as a factory, a warehouse, or an assembly line. LED light bulbs have come a long way in their brief new outing. They are now made in 3000 kelvins to about 4200 kelvins. Finally now we can use these inside our homes as replacements to the regular incandescent light bulbs. I like to recommend buying one or two of them and place them in your recessed high hat fixture or table lamp to see how well you like the color or light it gives off.

LED lights bulbs are extremely energy efficient. An outdoor 72 watt rated regular flood type of light bulb can be replace with a 20 watt rated LED flood type of light bulb. An indoor flood light bulb rated at 65 watts can be replaced with an LED 8.5 watt light bulb. LED light bulbs can be purchased and replace your candelabra chandelier light bulbs, fluorescent light bulbs, as well as landscape light bulbs.

The problem is that LED light bulbs are very pricey. They can range from $15.00 to $40.00 per light bulb. The good news is they can last a long time dependent on the hours of usage. I would not run out and replace every light bulb in your house at one time. One does not realize how many light bulbs inside and outside your home there really are.

Take a piece of paper and write down how many you have. Some homes have 100 to 200 light bulbs when counted all up. If you were to run out and make a onetime purchase of all these light bulbs you better have nothing else on that credit card because you will be paying that card off for a long time. It would not be worth it to compare to energy savings on your utility bill.

Let’s say you have six recessed high hat hats in your living room and two to three are burnt out. Now would be the time to purchase the six LED light bulbs to replace them with. Do one room or area at a time as your old light bulbs start to burn out?

The one thing you have to pay close attention to is that if you have a dimmer already controlling your lights, you have to make sure that you purchase an LED lights bulb that is dimmable. Also your dimmer may or may not work with the dimmable LED light bulb. That is why I say to buy one or two to bring home and test out. See if they dim without a high frequency noise coming from them. If you here a high frequency noise then that particular LED light bulb is not working well with your dimmer.

LED light bulbs are a good thing for our economy. As time marches on manufactures of these bulbs will make them more versatile to fit any style light fixture that now own in our home or commercial environment.

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